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okay so i have been having some weird dischagre that no-one seems to be able to help me with.

i am 14.5 weeks pregnant. my last pregnancy ended in a m/c at 10 weeks. i took pregesterone this time until 12 weeks. after that time i noticed some on and off discharge. it's small amount, not every day though sometimes 2 days in a row, then a week with none. it's dry and sticky mucus dark yellow or dark pink in color. then yesterday i had some "slimy" mucus... kind of... ummmm well, gray in color. (it was nasty) dh and i have not had sex. then this morning a bit more of the dark pink stuff. all in all it's less than 1/4 tsp. (guessing) there is no blood as far as i can tell. everything seems fine. we heard the heartbeat on thursday night (140 bpm). i did have lots of mucus discharge with my son, i believe it was yellow in color... but never any pink or slimy stuff... and it just seemed like regular mucus that you might have during your cycle... this is different.

i do not have any symptoms of an infection, UTI or otherwise. (actually i have never had a vaginal infection other than many yeast infections in the past) but i wonder... a.) could this be from the progesterone..... or b.) maybe i should use some tea tree oil suppositories to treat a possible VB infection?

i would be grateful for any ideas, since everyone else i have asked is stumped.
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