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Someone is making me an ABC and I'm going to buy my own fabric for it. I'll tell you what she told me when I asked what kind to get and how much of it:
"If you want to use my canvas for one side then it doesn't matter too much the type of fabric you get for the pattern. as it is only for decorative purposes.

I personally recommend upholstery fabric, sports weight fabric, canvas 10 % for entire abc carriers

But if you use mine then you can get something thinner-it will make it cooler.

Please send it to me a way you can track it if you are in a hurry- otherwise it will take 3-4 weeks for me to get b/c of customs."

So, um...what do I need? LOL Can I get anything then? And if I want the same fabric for the straps I have to get canvas 10%? I just don't want to email her again and bug her about it. She said I can use her canvas for one side, so then her part will be the straps? Am I right? I'd like to get something thinner, because of summer and I want my DD to stay cool. So basically I can get any kind of fabric I want, but have to use her canvas? Am I right? I'm such a moron, LOL. Sorry.

Oh, and how much do I need? She never said. TIA

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I don't know who you are ordering from but I do understand what she is saying

Just to clarify. It sounds as if she is talking about a reversible carrier. With a print on one side of the body and canvas (or similar) on the other side and for the straps (I am VERY familiar with this :LOL ). So when she talks about using her canvas or something she is talking about using it for 1 side of the body and the straps (and if you send a sturdier fabric that is what it would be used for).

Basically she means that you can send a fabric for the entire carrier if you like. But if you choose to do that, you need to choose a thicker fabric, something like 10oz canvas or similar (like Denim, upholstery fabric, twill etc. basically bottomweights) just something sturdy ya know.
If you want to use her canvas then she says you can send any weight of fabric, cause it will just be a small part of the carrier and the canvas will take up most of the stress etc. and make it sturdy.
IMO I still think that a sturdy fabric works best, even when paired with canvas.
According to her if you want to make it cooler you can pick a lightweight print to go with the canvas (quilting cottons come in tons of prints, though I personally don't like to use them).
I would recommend you choose something that is woven and 100% cotton. If you wanted I am sure you could send a cooler fabric *and* a sturdier fabric and have the carrier made out of both of these.

Hope this helps!!
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