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Stupid Gas Company!!!

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: I had a lady come to my door Thursday and tell me that we needed to pay for our gas or it was going to be shut off. I told her that we dont have gas, that our house is all electric. (We rent and this is what we were told, we've lived here 11 months) The lady very rudely replied, No you have gas me. And then gave me a telephone number to call. So I call. Apparently when the last girl that lived here had the gas taken out of her name and ordered a shut off...they didn't shut it off, but took her name off. So we've been receiving gas services unknowingly for 11 months! They hatefully told me that I needed to get our name on the service before they turned it off! So I did, then they told me that they were going to send me a bill for 11 months worth of gas service! I could not believe it! It wasn't my fault that they never disconnected the service! Ugh. I know that I used the gas...but good lord...I didn't even know it, and I don't want to pay 11 months worth of gas all at one time!!!
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I do not blame you for being mad. Consult your lease and see what it says about it. Utilities maybe included like this one. Also, you were told it was an electric run place, your landlord might be responsible.
Your first mistake was putting the utility in your name (sorry). Now you are responsible for the gas, but it may be possible that if nothing was dated to the beginning of your occupancy that you do not owe the money for the previous 11 months.

If the prior tenant does not remove their name, or the company fails to do it, it is the landlord's responsibility - because you cannot represent the previous tenant and remove their name. This is because, if you could, any old person could call a utility company and remove anyone's name from their services.

If you have not received a bill in the last 11 months for services you used (even though you did not contract for them), at the very least, it is the responsibility of the utility company to put your name on the serice contract and retreive past due balance at a reasonable amount such as $10-$20 a month until paid. But I agree this is something you should speak to the landlord about. Legally, it is his responsibility to prepare the dwelling for occupancy and that includes freeing up all utility accounts so you can call and contract for them. And it is his responsibility to inform you which utilities you need and the names and numbers of the local companies who supply such service.
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