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OK, can someone explain inner layer, hidden layer, soaker?

Do I understand this correctly?

Outer layer= the layer you see when the baby is wearing it

Inner layer = touches baby's skin and is the entire length, width, shape of the diaper

These are the ones I'm not sure about:
hidden layer = is underneath the "inner layer" kinda sandwiched and it also runs the entire length, width, shape of the diap

soaker = in the middle of the diaper in the wet-zone only sandwiched between the hidden layer and the outer layer or the inner layer and the hidden layer. ETA Ugh, but wait, why would they top it with micro fleece if it's burried between two layers? do they mean it's a doubler?

Here's what I'm looking at for reference:

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outter layer= what you see

inner layer=the full inner body fabric seen when open diaper

hidden layer= a full layer sandwiched between outter and inner

soaker=usually sewn between outter and inner or if a hidden layer attatched to that, but in some cases the soaker will be attatched with snaps or sewn onto the inner layer up against baby's skin to help acheiive a quicker drying diaper.
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