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stupid newbie cover question

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OK, so everything that I read says that you only need 4-6 covers a day & that you can reuse them if they're not "soiled." But if they get wet and they're not wool, they smell like pee!

Do you wait for them to dry out & then put them back on?

Do you change them before the wetness gets to the cover, so you just change the inside diaper and not the cover?

I end up changing the diaper and the cover just about every time, so my 6 covers are getting used/washed pretty much daily. I know that I need more :LOL , but until the mailman comes... what am I doing wrong???


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Yea, sometimes the PUL overs get wet. You can let them dry out in between, wipe them out with a wipe or even spray them with some kissaluvs diaper potion spray to freshen it up. I would just rotate covers or even change diapers sooner so they aren't so wet. You could even try a wool cover. THey get damp, too, but dry out and breath. You can rotate 2 of them a day.
You have to do a lot of trial and error to see what you like and what works best for you! Have fun!
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If your covers are cloth on the inside and out, they will need to be washed pretty often, but the ones that are PUL on the inside I just wipe out with a wipe and let air. Usually I'll have two to get through the day-- one on and one airing. Unless poop gets on them.

If the diaper is super-saturated, though, and the outside part of the cover gets wet, though, it does need to be washed.
With my older kids I'd rotate 2 covers, hanging one to dry while using the other one. Unless they met poop or got soaked, so more like 3-4 max a day.

My lil guy is coverless when we're at home (he's changed as soon as he's wet), he uses even less.
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