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stupid question about bjorn potty

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so I'm exposing ds to the idea of using the potty, cuz he's interested, and i got him one of those baby bjorn potties, but... is it just me, or is it really really small? or does my boy have an extra large booty? he's supposed to be able to actually sit on it, right? cuz he can't. well, he sort of can, but then his little wiener is squeezed in there and it's just really uncomfortable. am i missing some really obvious aspect of the potty concept? gawd, this sounds like a dumb question.
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Yup, same issue here. Ds refuses to sit forward because his penis gets squished against the splash guard part. If he sits back far enough to pee, poop has no chance to come out because his bum is no longer over the bowl, he's sitting on the back of it. Although my nephew pooped on it the other day, so I guess it can be done!
I thought I read that it comes in two sizes, one for little ones and one for toddlers? Not sure but I'd like to know since I think we're going to get one to stash in the car for when we are out and about during potty learning. We got a different brand for at home, one with handles and a lid that can fit on the regular toilet or on the base, which is also a step stool. DD much prefers it to be on the toilet now, though she uses a little one at daycare.
i bought a potty (a cheap plastic one) thinking i wanted to start exposing ds to it. i am glad i only spent 15 bucks! he used it once! he prefers to use the big potty. he just sits backwards (so that his penis points more down and doesn't get all over the place!) it works great. he is actaully starting to go standing up, using a stepstool so he is high enough.
it amazes me how little we really need to raise a child! there are several items we never used with ds and luckily most were hand me downs.
cyncyn, this is not the type that goes on top of the regular toilet seat.
it's this one:

anyway, glad to hear i'm not alone in this! so why do they make it so friggin small?
My DS hates it too, though he's not really too big for it (skinny boy, not my genes!). We got an over-the-seat one with a stool which he greatly prefers because it's more like what mommy does. Not like he's done anything with it yet, but he does like to sit there...
My son is a big guy. My parents bought us this really cool potty seat made of wood with newspaper rack and TP holder before he was even born. I've kept this darn thing around FOREVER and guess what?? He's too big for it! Can can't fit his chubby little thighs in between the sides.
Our solution ? One of those converter seats for the regular toilet. That said DS has no interest in PL at this time!
We have the two-piece Bjorn potty and it is a good size for us. It is chair style with a removable pot. I like it a lot for it's simplicity. The little one does look tiny. I was thinking of getting one for the car, but after hearing your description, maybe not.

That said, my first son did not use it at all. He prefered the removable ring on the toilet. My second son uses the Bjorn potty though almost exclusively. He's so little and I think the toilet is just too overpowering to him. He loves that he has his own potty.
we have the Baby Bjorn Little Potty and my nearly two year old dd loves it - it's the perfect size for her, she can carry it, it's portable to take to the park, etc. Oh, and DD is not a tiny girl - she's in 3T clothes 30+lbs, 36inches tall. However, I can see how a boy could have issues with trying to fit his penis in it. We had a different one for DS, and it was still too small, so we just taught him to pee standing up.
Good thing I read this. guess we will not be getting a Bjorn for the car. THe reason some pottys are so small is because when parents do elimination communication they start when the babies are infants. We started EC with kai much later then some do about ( 8 months)
however at 19 months he is now in undies and even stays dry through the night. we have the potty at home that looks like a real toilet :LOL however for the car im searching for something small and cheap. Im not about to try and make him use a public toilet and he doesnt like the idea of me having to hold him......


Originally Posted by guerrillamama
so why do they make it so friggin small?
I dunno why, but they are great for EC!
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Yes, it has been great for EC but now I'm ready to get a potty seat reducer, like this one:

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we have used the bblp (baby bjorn little potty)) since dd was about 11 months old and we first began EC

she is now almost 2 and also weighs 30 + pounds, but she still uses it great and we do like it.

it is wonderful to take to the park, or to use in the back seat, or any where.
seh acan carry it by herself

i am with hemiola though and am interested in a potty reducer...tonight my dd was like "i have to pee!" and we had to run through 3 rooms looking for the potty before we found it!
We have the Born ring seat that fits on the toilet. It seems to be contoured nicely for my almost 4 y.o. boy, not that he really uses it (he stands to pee and wants a diaper otherwise).
We have the little BB potty and DS won't sit on it. It's more that he's too tall, than too big in the booty. He doesn't seem to like to crouch down to sit on it. We got a Graco potty instead and he likes to sit on that.
Bjorn potty seems small, but one has to squat to use it. that said, i don't know any kids who use it who weren't on it before a year. ds started using his at 2 mos, i use it at night as a chamber pot sometimes, so it accomodates a sizable booty (any while i've never pooped on it, everything lines up). ds prefers the toilet, tho. we also have some cheaper potties from the dollar store, they aren't as sturdy, but they have a longer bowel, which might be good for your ds. (i find them all the time, you might call around first, there are generally round, oval, and animal shapes. the round wouldn't help you, but the other 2 are good.)


ds 27 months, expecting dc in august
we've had the same problem. i think the penis thing is the real problem - being squooshed against the splashguard. ds prefers the ring too.
DS loves his bjorn. We have two different potty chairs, and he will seek out the bjorn every time. I would like to get an adapter for the regular toilet, but we are in the early stages of PL still..

its funny cause we bought this same little bb one for ds a while ago and he never showed any interest in, and i thought it was too small too... so, then i bought a fancy one that looks like a miniature toilet. So far, he only likes to point and tell us that the pee and poop gores in the fancy one, and take it apart.
But then I had the idea of just letting the small baby bjorn one out with all his toys and not differentiating it, and when he was about 21 months old or so, he started sitting in it just fine on his own, even tho I thought it was previously too small. He only pees standing up though, but it seems to catch the pee with it over some diapers. So far, a couple of poops on it... went ok... but we still have a long way to go!
So, maybe keep it around and he can play with it and maybe find a way on his own?
or just get a toilet adjustment thingie....
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