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Stupid question about cleaning girl parts...

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Okay, forgive me... I've been mummy to a boy. How much should we clean the vagina? I've been obviously making sure the poo is off, but she has discharge and I was wondering just how fastidious I should be regarding keeping her clean.

I feel like an idiot asking this...
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I would make sure and clean very well. The last thing you need is for dd to get uti. Not fun. How clean would you want to be.
Great question!
We have two boys and two girls here and let me tell you cleaning little girls is alot harder then little
my rule of thumb is any fold that I can see when I pull back the outer labia, I clean. Dont go digging around looking for stuff, becuase you also dont want to clean away the natural germ fightin discharge that our amazing vaginas release either. The vagina, like the penis cleans itself. So really I guess the bottom line is clean what you see intitally. the rest the body takes care of itself, and as long as your wiping her from front to back and getting all the poo out your fine...leave the secretions though.

I agree with Phoenix Mommy. My doctor told me also to not use any soaps; that using just water is best. Clean and dry before the diaper goes on so her parts can take care of themselves.
You'll see a lot of discharge in the first few weeks. Don't worry about it too much. That discharge is keeping her girl parts clean.
A clean wet cloth wipe is enough.
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Great, thanks! I was going back and forth, because obviously I wouldn't retract my son's foreskin and the vagina has the same self-cleaning properties... I was torn. I'll clean obvious discharge, but leave the rest. I won't go digging.

Girls are harder to clean than boys.

Thanks again!
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