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Stupid State

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Well My DD will be 2 in October.... her sperm doner signed an aknoledgment of paternity right after birth and is on her BC. He has never paid a penny in CS, and Child support enforcment has closed the case twice becasue they say they cant locate him. WTF? I am a single mom, I cant afford a laywer to take him to court, I dont have his address, just a phone number and I have given it to them, they still do nothing. What can I do??

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Would it make a difference if you could give them an address? Putting that phone number into google should produce an address for you. Unless it is a cell phone number.
A few thoughts, apart from reverse lookup....

1. Find out what they mean by "can't locate him." Do they mean they have no idea where he is, or that he just doesn't respond when they call/mail? If it's the latter, can he be served with any kind of papers? Can the state agency serve him? Around here, if you refuse to accept service of legal papers, the sheriff's office can serve you, and you get charged for it.
2. Who are your state representative/senator? Try hounding them.
3. If he works at all on a payroll, the state tax office has a record of him, and of who pays him. Why can't his wages just be garnished?
4. Have you called around yet to see who does pro bono work?
5. Something tells me Mike Huckabee's office is not big on deadbeat dads. If you can't get pro bono help, try calling Huckabee's office and explaining nicely about your situation and how you're looking for someone to do pro bono to catch a deadbeat dad and help him fulfill his family responsibilities, or, failing that, some way for the child-support division to track him down through taxes and garnish wages.
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he isnt working he quit so he wouldnt have to pay. I work for the gov and have talked to Mike, I dont have an address so I am no good to them!
Emmasmom, as others have suggested have you done a reverse lookup on the phone number? One of the websites for this is ANYWHO.COM

Also, have you tried ZABASEARCH.COM for his address? Simply enter his name and state, and the site will give you his address, phone number, and date of birth, (so you can verify that you have the right person).

Good luck
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As a librarian, I, too would recommend It really works and I used it when a friend of mine tried to track down her children's father.
it works even with just a cell phone??
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