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Sturbridge, MA area

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We are going to be camping at yogi bears jellystone campground for the week of the 4th and I am trying to find out what is in the area. I am mostly looking for where is the best place to pick up groceries, go out for dinner (cheaply with kids), and a good pizza place since we plan on getting pizza 1 day that week. I am also looking for a good place to catch some fireworks on the 4th. We are planning on going to old sturbridge village (possibly on the 4th) and one day take a day trip to 6 flags. Any suggestions would be great. I am big planner when it comes to vacations and I have had no luck with planning this one so far.
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I wasn't happy with the pizza or service at Village Pizza in Sturbridge, from what I remember.

Holland Pizza is excellent, but a little out of your way. But, if you're exploring, take a LEFT onto Holland Rd at the ligt on 20 (as you head to Brimfield), go for a ways, and at the blinky light take a right and it's immediately on your left.

Have fun!
Hi, I'm from around that area. There's a nice pizza place on 131, called Napoli Pizzeria III. It's more an Italian (soft crust) pizza place, while Village Pizza is Greek (hard crust). If you like Greek, Village pizza is excellent. I'd skip Holland Pizza myself (it's far away and I find it greasy). Rom's is famous for food, but not many locals eat there. The only time I would is for fried food, like fish & chips, ice cream, etc at their pick up counter. I'm always disappointed when I go into the dining room.

There are lots of little restaurants, but the ones I'd avoid if you're going for cheap is The Whistling Swan, the Publick House, and anything at the Host Hotel. They're swankier and pricey. There's a Pizzeria Uno's and Applebee's (and WalMart's) on Route 20, going away from the village, past the Mass Pike.

Groceries - I'd go to shaws, again on Route 131, instead of the Shop & Shop on 20. It usually has cheaper prices. Shaws is across from Rom's.

OOOH! If your kids would eat it - the best place in town for food (not cheap, but not terribly pricey) is called The Thai Place. It's near the entrance to the Village.

Hope this helps!
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Thanks for all the suggestions. I feel much better having some ideas and names of places. Someone I work with just suggested Napolli also so I think that may be it for pizza. As far as Applebees' goes, Dh works there part time and there is no way we would go there during vacation since he is trying to get away from anything work related. Plus, we eat it way too often. Anyone know a good breakfast place? I don't think we will go out for breakfast but who knows.
I personally love friendly's for breakfast, and there is one near the entrance to the village as well. There are a few other local places that I've never been too, but they've been around a while so probably ok. There is a very nice bakery on 131 past shaws, away from route 20. It's in a strip mall on the right.
Hi bubsmom

I lived in that area most my life and LOVE Churchills Eatery. It's right next to the Thai Place someone mentioned. They have dinner on Friday evenings but they do breakfast and lunch best. The muffins are HUGE and to die for. It's small inside so sometimes you may have to wait for a table. I haven't been there as often since my move to Central MA so I hope it's still great.

If you have some extra you time stop by Earth Spirits. I can spend hours in there.

My family and I are camping at JSP the week of July 15th. I wish we were going to be there at the same time. I'd love to meet another MDC mama.

Have a great camping trip!
Enrico's is the BEST's wood-fired brick oven...lots of yummy different pizzas, shrimp scampi is my favorite (mmmmmm mouth is watering thinking about it) It could be your pizza place and your eat-out-with-the-kids-place--if you ask they will give the kids balls of pizza dough to play with while you wait, they love it! If you go ask if Meg is working, she's my sister. It's on Rte. 20, in a plaza near the Whistling Swan restaurant.
I second (third, fourth, whateva!) Enrico's! So yummy... I'm not a big fan of Village Pizza, and haven't eaten at Holland Pizza, so can't give opinions on that.

Definately hit the Shaw's for groceries rather than the S&S. And it's also closer, too

We just tried the Thai Place, and will be going back!

Churchill's Eatery, why haven't we seen them??? Huh...

For quick grinders/subs, I like Nipmucks/Mucknicks on Rte 20. I can't remember their grinder prices, but know for "regular" groceries they can be sorta pricey.

We also go to Picadilly Pub for a decent dinner that is kid friendly, or to Unos. There's also a Cracker Barrel on Rte 20, not quite as far down as the S&S/Walmart/Uno's plaza. And while some people don't like Rom's, we do eat there once in a while - I think you just have to know what to order, since some of it can be good, some not so good

For kid-geared activities, I'm glad you're planning on going to OSV! (We were married there, so it's a sentimental favorite
: )

There is also a farm that raises beef cattle "naturally" in Brimfield that might be fun for the kids. What is the website again....oh, yes...RiverRock Farm You can also buy the beef directly from them, not sure on the prices, but imagine it'd be yummy for burgers/steaks!

There's also Wells State Park if you'd like to do some hiking or something like that.
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Oh, I completely forgot Hyland's Brewery. It sounds like a non-kid friendly place, but they have a petting zone! I think they might also sell ice cream? It's kind of fun, you or your partner can buy a draft for yourselves, and the kids can pet all these unusual animals they have.

I've heard enrico's is good, I haven't tried it. Village Pizza - we mostly go for grinders, more than pizza.
Thanks for all the suggestions. Sorry I haven't replied but I have been so busy packing. camotyka, Too bad we are not going to be there at the same time, I am leaving in the 8th. You are going to get me in trouble sending teh link for Earth spirits, DH would not be happy if I made him go there. Cuileanne, thanks for the recs for places to go and the link to the farm. Well gotta go have a lot more packing up to do.
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