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Don't know if some of you have seen this already? I know some are writers here!<br><br>
March 01, 2008<br>
Divorce is Rad!<br>
Call for Submissions<br>
Pay: $100+ on acceptance of manuscript<br><br>
Length: 2,000-4,000 words<br><br>
You are welcome to send a fully-written essay, but a query with a 1-2 paragraph proposal is also fine. Make sure to include a bio, other publishing credits (and a writing sample, if you're not sending a complete piece.)<br><br>
Please email queries and submissions to: <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a>.<br><br>
Project Overview:<br><br>
Divorce needs a makeover. So many women and children are trapped in unhappy marriages just because they can't get past the perception that divorce is the devil. Sure, it's not what we wish for when we walk down the aisle (whether we wear a white gown or a scarlet shift)but if it's the escape hatch into our best life, it should have more romise around it. It should hold more of a space for the positive.<br><br>
Divorce is Rad!will be a spicy, bracing, riveting selection of essays from women from all walks of life. The words within will make you laugh, cry, nod your head, and shake your fist. The unifying thread is,“I got divorced, and it rocked my world." You can't take the deepest core of grief and loss away from something that has its unavoidable traumatic component, but divorce can lose the shame/fear/stigma frosting on its sometimes bitter cake. Because you know what? A lot of those bites are surprisingly sweet.<br><br>
Divorce is Rad! is about divorce dusted off, reviewed, and spit-shined for our generation's post-taboo, post-seventies-casual, post- pseudo “family values. It's the sparkling shore for the woman who been standing on the gangplank of a fatally becalmed boat. It's the kind, warm current that leads her to that shore, and the beach towel and picnic lunch that awaits her when she gets solid ground under her feet.<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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