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Success Induction Probable?

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Here's the deal:

My sister has had a sort of a rough pregnancy. Started out unwanted, at the time she was doing drugs, drinking, smoking, and had poor poor nutrition. She was diagnosed w/ GD and then PIH. She's been able to keep her blood sugar controlled and is not on insulin but is on a medicine for the PIH. My mother does GD counseling as a dietitian so that helped a lot. Around 30 wks they noticed her placenta was very flat and were worried about growth, but it improved itself. She's had BH for the last few days and when checked yesterday she was only a fingertip dialated. The doc wants to induce her at her term (12-9) because he's very concerned with the placenta. I'm not going to argue that she needs to wait to go into labor on her on given the history of the placenta issue. She's had a vaginal delivery with her first daughter 3 1/2 years ago, how probable is a successful induction at 40wks?
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The likelyhood of success in induction is based a lot on how soft and thinned the cervix is, and if baby is in a good position and low. If the cervix isn't very ready yet maybe with cervidil inserted it could be made ready medically, improving the odds. If she is given pitocin, or cervidil or cytotec it might actually cause placental problems though, uterine over stimulation or contractions that aren't well co-ordinated might make a placenta detach during labor. Also if they aren't sure how ok the baby is due to the drugs and drinking early on I'd worry about causing fetal distress with unnatural contractions too. If she tries an induction but the waters aren't broken and no complications arise, it just doesn't make progress happen, she could give it up and go home to await normal labor.
I think with a history of a vaginal birth she has a pretty good chance of a successful induction at 40 weeks, if she has patient care providers who will give her lots of time to kick into labour and focus on getting her cervix ready before they move on to pitocin.
Maybe you could be encouraging her to work at getting baby into a favourable position for induction, and on balancing keeping active with resting enough to have energy for a possibly long and drawn out induction process.
How far along was she when she had her last baby?
As the pp said there are different factors. Look at this for specific information on how to calculate her Bishop's Score which will let her know how likely it is than an induction will work vs. her ending up with a c-section because her body wasn't ready.

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How far along was she when she had her last baby?
I believe she was right around term. With that pg she was in prodromal labor for a couple days and couldn't take it anymore, so they put on on pit to speed it up.

Thanks for the Bishops score link- I'll try to squeeze as much info as possible out of her (although she's one of those "if you don't tell me, I won't ask" kinda patients
) so I doubt she'll even know some of it.
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Well, she's been having more and more BHs everyday; today she walked all afternoon and then chased a few ounces of castor oil w/ fresh pineapple. I sent her the link and she said she scored very high by her calculations- re the station, she wasn't sure but said the u/s tech commented on how low baby already was. She's set for Tues, anything else she can do to ready herself?

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She's set for Tues, anything else she can do to ready herself?
Unprotected sex. As much as she and her partner can stand. Semen contains natural prostaglandins which ripen the cervix. The riper the cervix, the more likely the induction is to work.

If she doesn't have a partner, just keep on walking and eating pineapple.

I hope everything turns out really well!!!
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I was induced with Cervidil at 42 weeks. I was not dialated at all. I had very little cervical softening, if at all. My doctor suggested that we see how things go with the Cervidil before starting pitocin. It turned out that i did not need pitocin at all and I delivered DD naturally about 17 hours later with no epidural.

Being induced wasn't ideal, but my doctor could not let me go past 42 weeks. Plus, I was leaking amnio fluid. There was almost NONE left at the time of my DD's birth.

Best wishes to your sister!

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Semen contains natural prostaglandins which ripen the cervix.
My DH found a study that semen taken orally is actually MORE effective than semen ejaculated by the cervix.
No BS!
Plus, my Bradley training taught that the soft pallette (roof of mouth) is a pressure point to help induce labor. Double-whammy!
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"My DH found a study that semen taken orally is actually MORE effective than semen ejaculated by the cervix. No BS!"

Mine too. He even asked a nurse about it when we had my third child and she said she had heard of a few people doing it.

I say no thanks!!! The thought of it makes me want to vomit.
Vag birth successful- baby was 8.9ozs, 19 inches long. Healthy as far as we know.

Thanks for all your help!
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