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Has anyone here had success on the GAPS diet?<br><br>
I have had digestive problems (nearly constant slight pressure in my colon, stomach upset a few times pr week and diarreha occasionally) for the past 6 months. Just developed suddenly.<br><br>
I did an elimination diet (eliminiated dairy, wheat, corn, soy, eggs, shellfish, sugar, caffeine, oranges, grapefruit, tomatoes, potatoes and beef) in November and it only partially revealed anything. I had severe reactions to all diary except butter.<br><br>
But the problems are back so I don't think the issue is dairy so much as there already is a problem with my gut so I have a difficult time digesting diary.<br><br>
I am getting a food sensitivity blood test next week, but even if I find any other food sensitivities...part of me know my gut needs to be healed and not just avoid for the rest of my life.<br><br>
So I considering the GAPS diet, but the diet seems extreme and I don't want to lose weight eating so low carb. I already lost 6 lbs and became underweight on my elimination diet, and still have not gained back weight 4 months later.<br><br>
It does make sense to me, and I realize it isn't really low carb since fruit and honey are allowed. I just don't want to go for it without real life stories of how it helped, especially if you didn't get underweight on it.<br><br>
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