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Success Story for ECing Older Babies

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I would like to tell all of you that you can ECing older babies! It just takes a lot of patience, sense of humor, forgive yourself(everytime you miss), and time with your child. Remember your baby will not be a baby forever so enjoy every moment of it - all the bads with the goods. I did it part-time (only daytime) too and it only took me 9 1/2 months to be successful!

This is my journey though ECing with an older baby. Don't wait until "potty training" time to teach them to use the bathroom. There is no time limit when your child can't learn ECing! They are learning all the time and so are we as a parent.

I have started ECing my dd at 11 months (because I didn't know about it earlier). At first it was incredible, she was signaling with her hands the potty sign. She was very good at it too without misses at all. But as days pass, she started to loose some interest and it's amazing how much she can wet herself. I started to put her in the bathtub with her bathtoys and toilet when I feel she would need to go soon. There were a lot of different things we (dh and I) did to get her to go to the potty. One thing I found to be the most effective is to bring the toy thats she's playing with at the time to the potty when you think it's time for her to go. Another thing is to tell her that her stuff animal needs to go to the potty too.

I found that after 4 months, she (or maybe me) figure out when she poops. She crouch down and her face is concentrating on something important all of a sudden. We still miss a lot of them at that time and still had plenty of wets.

At 8 months of ECing, she signals most of the time when she needs to poop. The times I miss was when I'm doing something else like washing dishes.
: She also started to hold a lot of her peep, but still not signaling a lot for thoses. She wet about 1/2 as much training pants from when we started.

By nine monthes of ECing, she started to say something to get you to notice her and then she signals. For me, that make all the difference because I can't have me eyes on her all the time even when I try. We started to rush to the toilet. At first she will signal when she's already wetted. Then she signal when she was going, but that did not last long. Then she signal and then go (while you're running with her to the toilet - so she's wet by the time you get there). Then she signals and gives you enough time to bring her there and put her on the toilet before she goes.

For nightime ECing:
The funny thing is that I don't EC dd at night, but when she does get up I will rush her to the toilet and she will go. I ended up bfing her back to sleep without any problems. She did that near the beginning when we started ECing, but it didn't last long. But I have always changed her in the middle of the night everytime I noticed she's wet since birth. I check her everytime I bf her at night. As she got older, the amount of wet diapers grow less and less as she got better in holding her pee. She wetted less diapers at night than during the day. It ended up that everytime she bfed, she just need to be changed. Since I know she was tired (and I also), I didn't wake her up to go potty after she wetted - I just changed her and bf her back to sleep. The amazing thing is that after 9 1/2 mo of ECing at daytime, she doesn't have a wet diaper at night either.

What diaper/training pants did I used?
I used a training pants (close to the butt) with a folded Gerber prefold on top and a panty on top of that just to hold the prefold in place. It's absorbant enough for you to rush her to the toilet and not have peep dripping on the carpet while you're doing it. We used size 2T which was big for her, but with the paddings, it was not to big. We started with 15 of these sets and washed everyday. For nightime, I just used disposables. As she got good, I used only the training pants. Now that she's toilet trained, I'll used the panties only (since they are size 2T/3T).

What I would recommend for beginners?
Start with the first pee in the morning, and the second one is usually a set time after the first one (so watch the clock!), after naps, and possibly after or before each meals. Signal (with hand and sound) everytime she gets to the toilet or are going. The next good toilet time to add is right before you go out with your child. Tell them "We're going outside!" and they are more than happy to rush to the toilet to go (otherwise they're not going out). Also when you are outside, bring them to the toilets everytime you find one available. As she get good (and you are more comfortable), add more toilet time. For me, I started toilet training a few hrs in the morning, then the whole morning, then part of evening, and she did the rest.

I hope that this will help some of you. Good luck. There is light at the end of the tunnel!
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