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such a change from last year!

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I had some stale bread to use up, so I decided to make stuffing/dressing. I fair stuffed my face with it last night, and I was feeling really guilty about it until I realized that it was made with all of the following:

properly prepared sourdough bread
all organic veggies
grass-fed butter
home-made free range chicken broth
free range eggs

Talk about a far cry from Stovetop!
And this was just the stuff that was in my kitchen when I decided to throw this together. I can't imagine my kitchen being like this even last year, even though I already had NT by that point.

Anyone else ever have an epiphany like this?
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Good job!

Yes, I recently justified our homemade ice cream because it was made entirely of organic products: cream, milk, half-and-half, sugar and vanilla. We were single handedly supporting the organic dairy industry with that batch of ice cream.
Yum! And only half a billion calories!
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