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There I was, really enjoying my son's growing independence from me, fantasizing about the day he would outright reject me in favor of daddy or anyone else, when all of a sudden he can't bear for me to be out of his sight.<br>
"Mammaaa pick UUUPPPPP!"<br><br>
This does seem to coincide with some new toothy activity, but he's not actually cutting anything. All this is going on even while his beloved grandma is visiting. He's more comfortable with her than with anyone beside us parents, and yet I still have to work like mad to get him to be comfortable wandering into the next room without me most of the time. Once he settles in with her, he's content without me for not more than an hour - 2 months ago, he could forget about me for 3+ hours in her company.<br><br>
And, this started very suddenly, right after his 6th week of one-morning-per-week daycare - the same week that he had a 100% joyous morning there - no tears at drop-off (by daddy) or pick up (by me) or anytime in between.<br><br>
Is this just a typical developmental thing? Do the last molars correlate with this behavior? Or is it just my luck?<br><br>
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