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Sudden loss of CF due to stomach flu or YI treatment?

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I had a yeast infection and treated it with Monistat; the last treatment was two nights ago. I have not had any CF to speak of since then, but prior to then, I had CF in one form or another for over a month straight (I'm in the middle of a very long, thus far anovulatory cycle due to bfing my DD). My cervix is still high, soft and open, and I have no other convincing reason to believe I've ovulated, so I don't think that's it. I had the stomach flu over the weekend, so my best guess is that I'm dehydrated enough from that to keep my body from producing much. Does that seem feasible? Should I be concerned? I'm still hoping to ovulate *sometime* here, and my CP seems favorable for it (though it has been that way almost constantly for the last few weeks) so the loss of CF is discouraging.
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