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Sudden menstrual cramps, Vitex, green tea

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So I usually never get menstrual cramps but this period I've been having massive cramps & diarrhea. What's up with that?

In the past, I've had short luteal phases (8, 9, 10 days according to FF). During the last cycle, I was taking Vitex tincture 2-3 times a day, and it did lengthen my luteal phase to about 13 days.

I also tried 1 cup of green tea a day to help increase mucus, as some of you had suggested in earlier posts. While I had maybe 2 days of EWcm in the past, with the green tea, I didn't notice any EW this cycle! There seemed to be watery, not very stretchy mucus, but not a huge amount. Could the green tea, Vitex, and the other herbal tea I've been using daily (red rasp. leaf, nettles, red clover, oatstraw, alfalfa, mint, dandelion) have been cancelling each other out? Or could the combination of all these herbs plus a daily prenatal have been messing up my body? I did a lot of research before taking any of this stuff, and it all sounded safe.

Well, I'm really disappointed. We timed BD perfectly this cycle. And it was so encouraging when after 10 days AF hadn't come yet.
I saw the post on acupuncture and will give that a try. Someone mentioned the book "The Infertility Cure" and I highly recommend it. It makes sense how acup. and trad. Chinese Medicine (TCM) bring the body back into balance.

Thanks, ladies!
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The watery cm is just as fertile as the ew. I doubt that the herbs "cancelled each other out".

How long have you been ttc?
Well, we've been trying to get pregnant since early July 2005. But I didn't get my PP period until early Jan 06. So depends how you look at it. I'm trying acupuncture now.
It may take your body a few more months to figure out what its doing if you've only just started having AF again 3-4 months ago. My cycles were really strange for the first 6 months after my first pp AF- and i know lots of other moms have that experience also.

I will also say that some women have strange reactions to certain herbs- and I think Vitex is not as "safe" as its advertised. I had a lot of bad side effects with Vitex, myself.
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