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Sudden Relactation

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I weaned my 15 month old about months ago. I EP for him for a year and a month. He was premature and spent some time in the NICU so pumping was the way to go for us. My milk dried up about a week after I quit pumping. But now all the sudden I have milk again. My breasts are sore and tender. Anyone have a clue why I would suddenly have milk and I mean a lot of it!
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Is there any chance you could be pregnant?
Yes, there is a chance. But would that be an indicator of pregnancy?
Test results came back not pregnant. Now two weeks over-due for a menstration and still leaking milk. What is the deal??
did you recently start any new drugs. reglan and some other stomache meds can induce lactation.
I"m drug-free and happy to be!
I think you left a number out of your OP. How many months ago did you wean? How often were you pumping before you quit? Was it a gradual cessation?

It is common for periods to be irregular when bfing. It is also common for lactation to continue for up to a year after weaning. Sounds like you are having some hormonal fluctuation.

If you feel engorged, express a little milk just to the point where you are comfortable.
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