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suddenly hard to put to sleep..yikes

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So DS is a crappy sleeper who nurses all night long. What has been my saviour though is that he's been easy to 'put to sleep'. 5-10 mins of nursing and he'd be gone for a few hours at least.
Recently it's taking forever and is frustrating me. He's almost 20 months and learnt many new words recently which he wants to practice
He almost falls asleep and then jumps up and spots something in our room (we co-sleep) and names it e.g 'book, book! Mummy, book!' or tries to get off the bed and leaving the room shouting 'Go!'. It goes on like this for a hour or so. By which time my evening is almost over.
He's popping on and off my boob all the time and doing lots of nipple twiddling and kicking which also drives me mad.
I'm a bit concerned about safety too. He's getting up and hanging/leaning over the bed rail. We've always put him to sleep and left him in our bed while we have grown-up time.
I'm starting to question our AP beliefs. I resent the lack of sleep and feel so touched out. DH is a big help. He always responds to DS if he wakes up before I'm in bed but he's sleeping in the guest room due to DS waking and tossing around so much. I miss him.
urgh. Is this a phase that'll pass Mamas??
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At around that age, nursing to sleep often didn't work anymore and I had to get creative with ways to get my DD to sleep. One thing that worked really well for us was to nurse her and *then* put her in a carrier or a stroller and go for an evening walk.

How about dropping your mattress onto the floor while he's going through this stage? Bed rails always made me nervous because it seems like then they just fall farther if they manage to get over them, and I prefered putting our mattress on the floor. Or maybe a super low bedframe? We have one of those now (and it was pretty cheap) from IKEA.
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