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Suddenly Stuttering at 2 1/2!

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My very verbal dd has suddenly started stuttering in the past two weeks! I noticed it Friday morning two weeks ago and it has gotten even more profound since that day! At first I thought she was just being silly, and I didn't say anything, but now I am getting really concerned! I know kids go through stages, but I am just wondering if anyone else here has experienced something similiar? I can not think of anything new or unusually stressful in our lives! I have not said anything to her about it because, my friend who has a son who stutters told me his speech therapist said one of the worst things to do is try to correct or call attention to it! I have heard it is genetic and my dh does stutter occasionally. Anyway, thanks for your help in advance! My heart is breaking for her because she is aware of it! She says, "Mama, my mouth is stuck!"
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Most people think I'm crazy when I tell them this, but......
my ds stutters when he eats certain foods and/or drinks. It started to happen out of the blue & continued and stopped. I finally started to look for patterns and found different foods were the culprit.
Don't know if that could be part of your situation or not, just thought I'd offer what we've experienced.
BTW - your friend is right. The best thing to do is just get eye level if possible & wait for them to get it out.
My DD who is 2.5 has been thru this twice. One stage lasted a month or so and the other was just a week. They both seemed to occur at times of big verbal leaps, like her mouth couldn't keep up with her brain.

I just try to not finish sentences for her, maintain eye contact, not make a big deal out of it. I remember finding some good info online, most of which says to not worry. You might try waiting it out for a few weeks and then if you are still worried, talk to your health care provider.

Good luck!
Has she gone through any changes in routine lately? I do agree that it could be just another language explosion phase, and she wants to say words faster than his tongue can handle... her mouth just needs to catch up to her brain. But, it could also be something a little more emotional. My mom said that she started babysitting for a friend when I was about 3 years old, and I started stuttering at that time... she ended up quitting the babysitting because of it!!!
Thanks so much for your replys! It is so comforting to have support and reassurance from other mamas! I was reading about stuttering last night in some of my baby books and they mentioned most of the same things! Everyone always remarks what a wonderful vocabulary dd has and so maybe it is just another language explosion! I have also wondered about the food issue and will have to see if I can find any correlation with her diet.
If you don't mind me asking, L.J., what food and drinks are a problem for your son? She has been going through sort of a difficult time with ds now that he is more mobile and can get into things more. I am reading Kids Are Worth It and I am researching what book to read next on gentle discipline to help us with these issues! She has been knocking ds over or kicking him if he gets to close to her when she does not want him by her things. So needless to say we have discipline issues with that, but we have never hit or spanked her, however I have raised my voice a little lately because she has REALLY hurt her brother several times. I guess I will have to continue to evaluate the whole situation! Thanks again for your responses! Motherhood is definitely the most challenging and rewarding job!
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Just a little more reassurance. . .

Dd went through the same thing, I think it actually started when she was just over 2. She talked very well at an early age, with a large vocabulary, so it was scary for us. It would go away, then come back here and there. We would basically not pay too much attention, not finish sentences for her, and never made a big deal of it. She just turned 3, and I don't think it's happened in 3 or 4 months. In fact, I'd pretty much forgotten about it!
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