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How is everyone doing?? Any new tips or tricks?? I'm not doing good at all but I'm not letting myself go crazy like I was a week or two ago. I just can't seem to get into it like I did that first month. Oh well, I'm not giving up!!!

Don't forget to sub!!
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Ummmm....... I forgot to sub

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subbing. Forever trying to get off the sugar. Went camping with a group of families and that just did me in. The garbage that was brought! The same stuff I used to pack, but didn't, just begged off of them

I have started doing yoga every morning and I seem to be wanting "cleaner" food because of it. So my usual tea w/ sweetner dosn't sound as good as a plain cup of green tea. I think exercise helps me. Although then I am wanting carbs, and grains are not good for me.

Glad you all are still here...
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oh yes, I need help with this.... I had gd with both pregnancies and kinda went crazy on the sugar afterwards. And now I'm seeing how much it affects my ds. uugh! Subbing
I'm here. Not much to say at the moment, should be doing my anthropology paper,lol. Still sugar free....
Wooohoo I'm here! Still doing good I think. I started eating breakfast during the week (a piece of cheddar cheese and apple slices and a bottle of water, something I can eat while driving and in class until it starts,lol, and I don't worry about my teeth as much since I can't brush in class,haha).

I have my first dental cleaning since having all my tons of work done, in April. I'm nervous, but at the same time, I'm hopeful that my teeth are okay and I have nothing new to report!

I've cut my juice intake (I only drink 100%), to just 1 glass at dinnertime, and 1 glass at breakfast on the weekends (when we do our big breakfasts). I think the natural sugar in juice just spurs me on to want more sugar, so I'm doing the water thing more. Trying to anyways!
Ah, I'm not here. Long story short, the setback I had turned out to *not* be minor, then other things came up, then next thing I know I went gluten-free and decided I could only do one major "thing" at a time so made the decision to keep eating sugar.

And now, only one week gluten-free, I'm having such wonderful results, I'm really thinking gluten was my problem all along. In looking back over the past few years, every time I tried to go sugar free I cut down my bread consumption too and maybe that's the reason I always felt good. Like when I did South Beach Diet and felt *great* the first few weeks and then when you start phase 2 (where you still cut sugar but add in healthy grains) I didn't feel as good and eventually stopped
. I always thought I overate bread because of sugar but now I'm wondering if it was the other way around. Oh, and the little clue that I never got sugar highs, just got sugar crashes within an hour after eating sugar? Because my sugar of choice is almost always laced with gluten and maybe it was that affecting me. I haven't binged this week but have eaten plenty of treats with no crashes so that's a big clue for me.

Sugar is related to grains though, and there are also links between gluten intolerance and diabetes plus even more problems my family has (I don't know if there's an alcoholism link yet), so I haven't ruled out that I might have a problem with both. For now I'm concentrating on gluten though. I've read it takes 6-8 weeks to completely clear it so after 2 months off the gluten if I still think I need to I'll try cutting sugar again.

Anyway, good luck to everyone! I hope you do well and find the health you are looking for
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Dont forget
That sugar free does NOT mean taking sugar substitutes like

READ "Sugar BLUES" book.................
once to stop your sugar intake you dont Crave it anylonger.

more on sugar subst.
searchbox; aspartame

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Thanks for mentioning that Tyler. I posted a couple sugar-free articles related to that last month and I'll add tham again.

How is everyone doing?? I'm back on track and feeling good!!!
Still doing pretty good. I've been keeping up with my meal planning, I started with a 3 week one, and now I'm doing a 6 week one to see how that goes. I love it!
Well I finally got going again and it's been a full week sugar free!!!! WooHoo!!!

The cravings are starting to fade again and my skin is looking great!!!

We even had a very stressfull weekend, along with a lot of drama and being unprepared when snack time came. I was able to find a good granola bar that was sugar free (and not full of crap) at the store. And I also had a meeting at a coffee place and just put some honey and raw milk in my coffee and all was good.

Those first few days are the hardest, I can't tell you how many times I started going sugar free then forgot all about it until after I had eaten something sugary, then stupidly had the mentality that my whole day was blown and I would continue to eat crap. But now that I'm back on track things should go smoother!!!
Still REAL sugar free, and 75% evil fake sugar free. (and yes I've read everything on the fake sugars, up until I had $15,000 in dental work last fall, I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. for now, it's helping me get through this though, but I'm slowly cutting it down as I figure this out)
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