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Anyone else out there that spills sugar in their urine? I seem to do this whenever I eat something high in sugar(with all my pregnancies). I am seeing a mw but I see her in the am after I eat a low sugar breakfast (oatmeal and milk) so every urine test I have done is negative. Not too long ago I purchased some protein/glucose strips thinking I might UP/UC and I went ahead and tested this afternoon. Yowza!!! It came back at 500 mg/dl at the time cut-off.<br><br>
Anyway, I'm 34weeks now. I decided to decline the GTT (way under cut-off with my last 2 pregnancies even with some sugar spillage in urine) but now I'm a teensy bit worried. I think I may ask about checking it at home at my next appt on Wed. this week.<br><br>
Anyway, just wanted to see if any others had some positive screenings of glucose in the urine and still have everything turn out ok.<br><br>
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