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Sugar Peas Wool & Snap ins (sz. small)

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Lavendar Wool cover with lime serging--practically new! (I used it once but the fit was not good for my baby) $21 PPD

2 Small SP Snap ins w/spring green micro topped soaker (one used once, one washed and never used) $11 PPD each or $20 PPD for both

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*GASP* No one wants my Sugar peas?!

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Talk to me! I'm not familiar with sugarpeas, except that they're hard to get! What size is the cover? Do the diapers snap into the cover? I'm interested....
Yes, they are hard to get! LOL! And after all that, my DS grew like a little bean sprout and needs all mediums already!

The cover is a size small and the snap-ins are all hemp fitted contours (like a contour dipe but with elastic) with an attached soaker that has a spring green micro-fleece top. They snap into the wool cover making it essentially a "wool-in-one". They are super-absorbant and easy to add a doubler to (under the soaker) if you have a super-soaker. I love how soft they are too--my DD wears this for her naps (in a size large) and never leaks out of them.

You can see pictures of them at the sugarpeas website:

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