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sugar plum baby fitteds

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Just an update from my post earlier this week. I got some sugar plum baby hemp fitteds and I was worried about the absorbancy because dd is a super soaker and these things are just so thin and trim.

THEY ROCK!! I only washed once (and with hemp you have to wash a lot initially...) dd has been in this dipe since 4:30, I just changed her and she did NOT pee through it!! I'm so amazed... she pees through everything. I think I'm in

Have to add the disclaimer that I am not affiliated with the wahm in any way... Just raving about a dipe that works wonderfully for us
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Did you get the extra snap in trifold soaker or not?
Just curious - I have the trifold in mine, and they're very absorbant, but not the very trimmest diapers I have.
It's great that they're working so well for you! Her diapers are really excellent, especially for the price she sells them at.
I LOVE my SPB fitteds as well! I just got my first ones about 3 weeks ago and am now a big fan.
I have both soakers but prefer the regular over the trifold. I use both the snapin soaker and the additional layin soaker she sends.
I don't think I even realized there was an option for an additional tri-fold! I just have a regular snap-in soaker.
Yippee! Mine hasn't come yet, should be here anyday.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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