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Sugar Plum Baby is stocked and open for custom orders

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Sorry if this is old news to you...I just happened to click on the banner ad and was surprised to see that she had diapers available, both instock and for custom orders. I was very impressed with the amount of hemp you get (2 layer body, 3 layer soaker) for such a good price ($8 for small or newborn). The reviews here look good...I feel like I scored here...surprised they haven't all been snatched up. Maybe they aren't "hyena material"? Oh well....I got 2 n/b and 2 small custom quick dry hemp fitteds. And I got the 6 hemp wipes thrown in as per her specials.
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I know! I want that hand dyed small purple set SOOO badly! :LOL It's so pretty and would be perfect! Ok, the drool has ceased! lol

So for fun, here's Nathan in a small sugarplumbaby fitted about a week ago:

We love our small SPB!
thanks for the picture, Jen!!

so your baby is 10 months old and still fits a small? that's great. the sizing chart said smalls only fit up to about 15 lbs - how much does nathan weigh?

the t-shirt set was way cute!
Yep, he's almost 10 months
Where does the time go??

And yep, he fits into a small with room to grow in both the waist and rise. He also fits into small fireflies, small bottombumpers and RB FLAG's size 1! He's 30 inches tall and 20lbs.
He's thin.
And he still wears 6 month undershirts too! :LOL If he wasn't so tall I'd say he was small!
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Jenn does the small SPB I sent fit? It was going to be too small for Evie soon, but she's only 3.5 months!!

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