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Sugar / Sweets ?

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Hi ladies. Can someone explain to me why and how bad it is to consume sugar while pregnant. This is my second pregnancy and this time around I seem to be craving SWEETS!!!! Even the childhood bubble gum Bubblicious. Shame on me as I chew up a pack of it in less that an hour.

I have normally a very healthy / health conscious person.
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I can't tell you exact nutrition about sugar, but if you can spare the empty calories and your getting plenty of good food in between your sweet tooth I say go for it, I know when I was pregnant w/ dd #2 I couldn't get enough sweets...oooooh how I craved them, I ate alot of yogurt (the fruity sweet kind) and ice cream, the totally fattening ben and jerry's kind
and I'm a fat girl to begin with and still only gained 36lbs not so bad considering I gained 60lbs with dd #1 and that was on buger and low mein as long as your not worried about too much weight gain and your getting enough vitamins and stuff.... give in to it some.
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Oh boy, I have been. Not to worried about the wieght (right now) I have been so sick that I am trying to catch up on the weight I lost (puking stinks). Not as sick as the first time around but still not so good.

Thanks for the input, I wouldn't worry too much.

Heather, sitting here blowing HUGE bubbles with my SUGARY Bubblicious gum (the I LOVE)
Sugar is detrimental to your body, pregnant or not. (I'm talking about the refined white stuff that is in all the goodies we all love, not natural sugars found in fruits). I think the worst thing about it is it effect on our immune system. Not sure of the numbers, but it greatly reduces immune function for several hours after consumption. There are many other reasons that I can't think of off the top of my head right now that it's bad for us. Probably b/c I just finished eating a bunch of chocolate chip cookies and really don't want to remember
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Just some anecdotal advice but I was a very fast weight gainer through my first 2 pregnancies and sugar was one of my main food groups
With the second babe I realized at about 7-8 months that I was one month off of my conception date, thus making me a month *less* preggo than I thought---and I had nearly gained all the weight I had with my first so I immediately cut out anything with ingredients remotely resembling sugar and my weight loss screeched to a serious halt. This time I am not doing sugar (just an occasional treat) and I have not gained much at all - like maybe 2 lbs. (now about 16-17 weeks ) and I didn't lose anything in the first tri.

Also, I noticed a lot of water retention while eating more sugar.

I think an occasional frosted brownie tastes much better than an everyday indulgence
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If you are craving it then eat it as long as you don't over do it. Make sure you are getting all your nutrition too, but cravings mean something.

Cheers! I was a sugar addict during my last PG too. This time, I haven't really wanted it other than the syrup I had on the french toast that I made a special trip to the bread store so I could make!
Sugar depletes your body of B vitamins and Calcium, which can aggrivate morning sickness and tooth decay. Actually, it depletes your body of many more vitamins & minerals than that, but I can think of specifics at the moment.
Eating sweets also causes your pancreas to have to work harder than it should, which can cause icky blood-sugar swings. Those can be scary when you're not pregnant, but add a baby to the picture and you could be dealing with fainting, dizziness, and horrible mood-swings (in addition to the hormone-related ones you already get!)
Sugar cravings can indicate a need for more protein in the diet. Try having some nuts or other good source of protein before the cookie and see if it helps. You can still eat the cookie
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thanks for all the input ladies!

I know sugar is bad, and normally I stear very clear, but I just can't shake the craving. I will be sure to eat more protien, hopefully that will help. That stinks that is could make morning sickness worse. I am honestly going to try and lay off. I swear I am really a good eater when not prego
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I'm the same way Heather. I have an awesome diet when not pregnant. I eat all organic whole foods, all home-made from scratch meals and snacks, stay away from proceesed refined foods completely. Then I get pregnant and I start eating junk again.
You'd think being pregnant would make me even more committed to eating well, but with all the food and smell aversions and cravings it's a struggle. And now, since I've been on bedrest, it's especially difficult b/c I have to rely on friends and family and DH for meals and most of them don't have a clue when it comes to eating healthy. But I'm very appreciative that they're willing to help me out, so I wouldn't dare complain.
I totally agree with what one poster said about protein. My first pregnancy I was vegan and didn't get nearly enough protein and craved sugar ALL the time. I mean from the time I woke up until I went to sleep! This pregnancy I'm eating a lot more protein since I am back to eating meat and the sugar cravings are not bad at all. Maybe once or twice a week I'll have the urge for cookies or a donut, but that's nothing compared to my first pg.
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I agree that cravings mean something... but I don't believe our bodies ever actually "need" sugar. I used to crave chocolate and other sweets intensely, literally after every meal - and I indulged in those cravings - so it's not like my body was deprived of those things. After some serious bowel problems and much research, I found out that my cravings were actually caused by Candida yeast screaming at me to feed them!!! When I went on a strict diet of only meats, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and seeds (along with a Candida treatment program), those cravings completely went away after only a week or two. No one could believe it, but I literally did not crave those things. And I felt so much better!

Now, don't get me wrong. Since I've been pregnant and having to deal with the aversions, etc. I have had to just eat "whatever works". But I am much more mindful of the sugar issue than I was with #1.
My midwives also said that sugar cravings are actually protein cravings. I was advised to start by eating a high-protein food, then having that cookie if I still needed it. And I tried to satisfy the sweet tooth in slightly healtier ways-- oatmeal cookies instead of sugar cookie, choosing smoothies, frozen yogurt, etc.
My mw explained something interesting at my last appointment, in relation to the gestational diabetes test. She said if you have lots of extra sugar in your system (which you will if you have gd, or if you're eating too much sugar), the baby is getting all sorts of sugar. This means s/he will grow a lot, and be working harder than otherwise to make more insulin. Once s/he is born, all of that extra sugar is no longer available, but the insulin is still being produced. This can cause a dangerous drop in blood sugar just after the baby is born. I wasn't eating a lot of meat with #1 and indulging in a lot of sweet cravings, and while he wasn't big, he did have a blood sugar drop shortly after birth. I had never connected the two.

Lacking B vitamins is also a factor in pregnancy and post-partum depression, so (as I am learning the hard way), eating those sweets for comfort food is really counterproductive.
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