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I have two almost new SP wool covers & some snap-ins for sale<br><b><br>
1 Teal w/Lavender - M $20.00ppd<br><br>
1 Lavender w/Teal- M $20.00ppd</b><br>
***This looks like a small to me!, but I bought it as a medium<br><br><b>5 Snap-Ins- M $11.00ppd (ea)</b><br>
These are all like new... I just need the money more than I do diapers we never use (Have a wayyyy to big stash)<br><br>
I would be willing to trade for the following:<br><br>
Some Children's Place, Hanna or Gap jammies for a 12-18month girl size, 8 girl, 8 boy.<br><br>
Pageant dress for girl, size 18m/24m<br><br>
Kissaluv's size 0 in GC for a IRL friend who just said she wants to CD (WOOHOO!!!)
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