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Sugarpeas sizing?

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I keep seeing a bunch of sugarpeas on the TP and have thought about getting one. What size *cover* do you think I should look for? His measurements over a diaper are about 18"waist 17"rise and 12"thighs.

Are the measurements for the fleece and wool the same?
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Do you know what he weighs? I just bought some for Jackson from Natural Babies and was going to buy a large but realized he's still perfect for a medium. He's about 23 lbs. I don't know his exact measurements, though.
I dont like going by weight, that is why I asked, his measrements arent quite normal for his weight.

He is about 23lbs and his naked measurements are 17"waist 16"rise and 11"thighs. Most diapers he is a large, but some diapers a medium. The kiwi pie I just got is a medium and fits perfect for his rise right now, but as soon as his rise grows just a little, he will be in a large, but his waist wont be. LOL, make sense?
Yes, I get it. I would maybe email Colleen at Natural Babies. She has it all worked out, LOL. Saved me from buying a dipe that would fall off my babe!
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I think a large would be too big. I have a large and my DS is 23 lbs, has an 18" waist, 19" rise and 11.5" thighs (over a fitted) and a large sugarpeas is too big for him. If you try a large and it fits and want a another one let me know
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I agree, go with a medium.. you'll have plenty of room to grow. A small would also fit but you'd be on the last snaps so go with a medium.
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We have large fleece covers and Maxi has measurments very close to your boy's. They are a bit big I guess, I mean a bit bulky. But fit wonderfully in the legs and waist on the tightest snaps. I am sure a medium would fit really well so I guess my advice is go for a M!
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