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Sugarpeas Wool...

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Ok Ladies. I went a shoppin the other day. I have a fleece cover from Sugarpeas that I love. When I went to her site the other day they only had one color of the fleece and while I love red, hubby detests it. Sooooo, I ordered one of the wool covers. Is there a huge difference. Is the care that different from a fleece cover...WILL I LOVE WOOL??????? Thanks ladies!
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WOW there's a HUGE difference between wool and fleece. You really can't just pop a wool cover into the washer with your diapers. You have to handwash it with something gentle. The upside is, you can use it over and over, just airing it out between uses. You wash it when it gets soiled or starts to smell like pee. The fleece covers tend to take on a pee smell much faster than wool, but are much easier care.

You CAN do the wool, it's not hard!
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I really love SP wool covers. Even though you have to take the extra 5 minutes to wash it out by hand, they are way nicer than the fleece covers. I love the fleece covers, too, but the wool is so trim and fits my DS really well! I agree with Terri, wool doesn't start to stink quite as quickly as fleece. I've never had a leak, a rash, etc. with wool, so right now it's my favorite cover! If you don't like it, I am SURE you'll find a mama on the TP who will take it off your hands!
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I love SP Wool! I actualy had an SP fleece and it seemed rather big on Ds, but the wool is perfect. I hope she stocks some wool jersey.
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