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You can easily MAKE something that will do this same function. In fact, a young child could make it (with a little supervision).

Take a men's (or large size boy's) tube sock. Put rice in it and tie a knot near the top. If you want, you can put another sock over it to help keep it clean (or start off with two socks, one inside the other). Then just take the outer sock off, wash it, and put it back on.

Zap in the microwave for about 3 minutes (less for smaller socks). And voila! Instant, portable heat that lasts about an hour (or longer when in bed).

These are great for sore muscles, heating up carseats, and chasing the chill from the bed. I take one to bed most nights in winter - icy feet don't stand a chance.

Be careful and don't burn anyone. These smell slightly the first few times you use them, sort of like, well, rice. If you want to cover that smell, include a few sprigs of herbs (rosemary, lavender, etc) in with the rice. I don't mind the smell.

Eventually, the rice will have to be replaced. But it lasts many many uses before that happens.
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