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My son turned one days ago, we are still bfing on demand - I guess. You see I work midnights 3 nights a week, and he wakes up before I get home, sometimes he wakes in the middle of the night even.

My husband has been giving him EBM, but now I have to return the borrowed electric breastpump. I don't have $$ to buy one. I have a manual pump, but it is as effecient as the electric.

So as he is now a year old, I was wondering what to put in those bottles (those few bottles) he does get? I buy organic 2% milk and Silk Vanilla Soy milk. Which is better for him?

Sorry if I seem dense on this. I am not a new mother, but fairly new to this.
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Well, I'll make the suggestion that you don't necessarily do either. When I'm away from my DS, he just drinks water from a sippy. When I get back he's always very ready to nurse, but he's usually happy while I'm gone. I don't know the specific hours you work but based on "midnights" I guessing you're there to nurse him to sleep and he's only missing the morning feeding. In that case, your DH could give him a sippy/bottle when he wakes and then he could nurse as soon as you got home. HTH
My DD can't have dairy, so we have rice milk in our house. On the occasion that DS needs a bottle while I am out of the house, if we are out of EBM, DH gives him rice milk. It works well for us. I prefer the idea of rice over soy.
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I leave for work at 10:30pm. He gets one last nursing at 10. He mostly sleeps until 5-7 am. He could sleep til 7, but anywhere between 5-7 he has been known to wake, screaming for me. When I am off we bed-share.

i am one handed now.... must go, but tell me more about rice over soy.

thanks for the help
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