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Suggestions?? (discomfort DTD-TMI alert!)

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Ok, sorry to be so blatant. I'm 13 wks. postpartum today. This happened last time I was postpartum/nursing too. But it took almost a full YEAR to get better (when DD started gradually weaning) and I don't want to wait that long to feel normal! That time I had no episiotomy scar to deal with (c-sec.)

Both times I experience some dryness there when attempting to DTD, but the worst part is the stretching skin and now the episiotomy area. I can't even get it to stretch enough down there to get more than a tiny bit of DH in! And it KILLS like I'm ripping. I only attempted twice and first time I bled a little. I use KY and Astroglide but they're not helping. I think it's more a lack of elasticity than dryness, although certainly it is drier than normal. It's like the OB sewed it up! It's got to be nursing hormones.

Anyone have any suggestions of what I can do/use to speed this along? Anniversary and husband's bday already passed and nothing! And this baby is actually good enough to sleep and let me! I honestly have little to no libido anyway, but it would be nice to have the option. Thanks ladies.
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I would talk to your dr. about it because you might need some estrogen cream to help the elasticity and helping with the dryness. You can also massage the area with a little olive oil.
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