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Suggestions for early summer South Carolina or Georgia beach holiday with toddler?

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Hi there -

I'm writing from east TN and DH and I would like to take a trip with DD early this summer (early June?)to South Carolina or Georgia. I previously posted with an idea for Florida, but we're seriously reconsidering the length of drive and what we're all capable of. So....reigning it in a bit and considering the South Carolina or Georgia coast.

We're in search of a relaxing beach holiday, in a kid-friendly, laid-back ("sleepy" is okay) area with a gentle beach (few waves). Ideally, we'd like to rent a little house or unit close to the beach for a few days and be within walking distance of places to eat/places to get groceries. We're not into big cities or fancy attractions. A beach, a park, other activities a 2 1/2 year old would enjoy are fine by us. We'd like to go before peak season, which I guess is when school lets out?

We're expecting again in October, and this is probably going to be our first (and last) beach vacation for a year or two, so we'd like to be thoughtful in our choice of destination.

I surely would appreciate any suggestions you have! Many thanks,

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Have you ruled out Alabama? I'm afraid the water will be too cold in early June in the Atlantic, and if you want gentle waves, you really do want the Gulf.

We vacation at Pawleys Island in SC and it is perfect for families of young children, but it is all beach houses basically, and not much to walk to. Georgetown SC is charming and nearby, but then you drive to the beach.
I was going to suggest Jekyll Island too. We went there for our honeymoon and it was very quaint. Perfect for a quiet family vacation.
Last year, we went to Gulf Shores, AL. We actually stayed a little bit outside of town towards Fort Morgan in a condo. It was peaceful, the waves were mild, and we had a great time. I'm not sure how far that is for you, but you might want to consider it.

May is a perfect time, IMO, for the gulf.
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