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Suggestions for hot weather big baby sling please

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Hi. It's getting hot, hot, hot, and I still want to sling my 4 mo old. I use it a lot around the house but ds sweats like crazy in it (I've got an over the shoulder baby holder). I would love to get a sling that's good for warmer weather and also good for a big baby, he's 20 lbs and tall (23 in at birth, longer now). I would really appreciate any help mamas. Thanks.
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Are you generally happy with your ring sling overall? What about an unpadded sling -- I hear they're cooler. Although perhaps not quite as comfortable as a padded sling. How about a Hotsling? Generally less fabric. Or a Kangaroo Korner unpadded sling?
I find my Maya wrap nice and cool. Even went for an hour long walk yeaterday with 15 month old DD in it (sleeping no less) and it was quite comfy. She even had it up over her shoulders and she wasn't sweating at all!

How about a solarveil sling. I got mine at I actually got a pouch that I love, love, love. also makes a lightweight cooton sling/pouch.
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I have heard that the ring solarveil slings have a tendency to slip, but the pouch sounds like a good idea.
I like unpadded cotton pouches for hot weather. I have a KKACP that I really enjoy for hot weather. Hotslings and new-style adjustable Maya pouches look like they'd be nice also
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