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Suggestions for shoes...

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Hi all. DS has a bit of intoeing, and the ped suggested getting more lightweight, flexible soled shoes than he currently has. He rarely trips up at home (he's always barefoot unless we're outside, and in the warmer weather he's even out in the yard barefoot - only shoes when we're out and about shopping, etc.) BUT he seems to trip up after walking in shoes a while, and the thinking is that the shoes we have are too bulky/heavy for him. He's just got sneakers I got for him at probably NOT the best choice, but since he rarely wears them I thought they would be OK.

DH is pigeon toed and about the most agile, fast on his feet person I know. So, we have no interest in "fixing" this cosmetically, but will absolutely do something if it seems DS is being hindered or might be in pain from the growth.

Sooo, I was trying to find a more lightweight flexible sneaker for him, and all I can find so far is Stride Rites...but I don't know if they're *actually* lightweight and flexible...anyone have them?

I will be honest, I don't really like the look of the 'no sole' Robeez-type shoes for his age group. I love them for babes and when they're first walking, but not for, if at all possible I'm looking for an actual sneaker.

I also need to say it goes against every single bone in my body to pay $40+ for a pair of shoes he'll likely wear for 6 months or less - BUT, I know we need to do this to help him, and clearly the shoes he has now aren't working. I just had to get that off my chest...

Sooo - anyone with good, lightweight "real" toddler sneaker/sandal suggestions? Anyone else with a little pigeon-toed kid? Any other thoughts?

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1 - 12 of 12 Posts makes unbelievably well-made, long-lasting shoes. I love these things.

I have two pairs each in three sizes...our summer sandals just came yesterday. also makes some really nice stuff. I have two pairs of them, and am very happy with them. are raved about on here by mamas, though I don't have any to comment on personally. has some walkers that are supposed to be nice. Their reviews are good and bad for durability, though.

Until you've seen these shoes in person, you can't even imagine how much different they are than the Target shoes. I poured over the Target sandals about a week ago. I was out of town, in a warmer place (TX) and really needed sandals for DS. They were nicely made and all, but I couldn't bring myself to buy any, knowing how they compared to the SKRs and the Livie and Luca's that we have.

Don't mind me....I'm just a soft-sole toddler shoe freak. Oh, and they're wayyyy more flexi than the Stride Rite shoes that are way more expensive.
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I love those see kai run shoes, I wish they came in bigger sizes!!
pedipeds are soft leather shoes but they look more like shoes than slippers.they also have padding on the bottom.a coop for them just finished but i heard someone else is going to start up another one.not sure if that's true or not but worth checking out.
I personally love preschoolians!

Good Luck!
My son's first walking shoes were Stride Rite. They are made for new walkers. Kai always walked fine in them.

Originally Posted by Past_VNE makes unbelievably well-made, long-lasting shoes. I love these things.
OK, now THESE I love. Thanks so much eveyrone for the suggestions! I'm sure we'll find something that works...and I have an intense fear that I might become addicted to some of these rather easily...
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I like the thickness of the sole on Pedoodle's. The pedipeds are to thin, I feel to be running around on stones at a playground.
Hi, all! Need your help. I'm in love with the see kai run angelina shoes for my dd, but I'm conflicted about sizing. She measures right between a 7 and a 7 1/2 on a stride-rite like measuring chart. But when I look at some of the online sites for see kai run shoes, they show even a size 8 as 21-24 months (and dd is 32 months), but a woman I talked to at one of the retailers said they run small??? So, any advice from you all that have ordered them? I don't have a retail store nearby that has any in stock, so I've got to order online and would really like to not have to return for wrong size! She'll probably be wearing without socks most of the time since its summer. TIA!

ETA These are water shoes that look like sneakers, very flexible and lightweight, cost just under $20, available (at least in limlted sizes/colors) at Sears as well as Landsend, easy to get on and off, work great on my wide footed ds.
I have to say, I love StrideRite. I had their shoes for the first few years of my life as my feet turned out and I had some sort of brace for awhile, so my mom tells me anyway. I don't know how old I was when my parents stopped buying them, but I remember coming to their store in "the big mall" in "THE BIG CITY" here
It was a BIG DEAL...

Now, I live in "the big city" but their store has moved to a center near the movie theater--a square with a couple other stores and a Coldstone. My son's first shoes came from there--a set of very traditional first-shoes, white. We love them. 6 months later, his feet measure the right size for these shoes--5 1/2.
What I love about StrideRite is they size the shoes right so that they're not TOO big when you get them, but they don't outgrow them in a month or two either--his will probably last 7 or more at this rate. They actually *need* replacing by the time he outgrows them. (I recommend buying the ones with the rubbery toe so they don't scuff the toes if they crawl, if I'd done this with his first pair, they would still look perfectly new.)

I have ordered his second pair, as they didn't have them in his size. 6.5 wide if anybody was wondering. Adorable blue, kinda sneaker-y, not really though, they could be casual or dressy. VERY CUTE.

And yes, they do seem lightweight, yet supportive for little feet, I think. I love them, even at nearly 40 bucks a pair. (average some are more some less)
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Your Stride Rite experience will differ greatly on the staff. DS was measured wrong recently, almost making us replace shoes. The people there have also told me that DD's feet would develop wrong if I didn't get her out of her Robeez...which is bizarre because they sell Robeez there. I have found the past few stores I have visited to be completely uneducated in children's foot development. I also find many of their shoes to have very little would be nice if their cruisers shoes went past size 5.

That said, See Kai Run blows them out of the water. Yes they come in whole sizes, but with the flexibility a little extra room is ok. THese are the nicest shoes I've ever seen and they cost about $30. And the whole sizes will make them last longer. As for sizing, DD measures just over 6, meaning she would need a 6.5 shoe; she wears SKR size 6 -- it seems to fit the whole size, not UP TO 6, kwim? THe 7's were way too big. SKR shoes used to run small, but they changed their sizing last May. I will however order her a pair of sandals in size 7 for the summer. HTH!!
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