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Suggestions for Splinters

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My DS has several small splinters in his hands. Any suggestions for how to remove or what to do in this situation? Thank you!
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If they're fairly small, and there's no sign of infection, you might try just leaving them alone and letting them work their own way out. DD got quite a few in her feet last summer after a weekend at the boardwalk, and my mom told me that she always just left them alone, unless we complained about pain or unless they seemed to be causing infection. As long as they're small and not in really deep, they'll come out all by themselves.
i have never tried this but i have heard it's good.

put a small drop of white glue - elmers - on the splinter and let dry. when you pull off the dried white glue you pull out the splinter too.

i imagine it works on some splinters and not others. might also be hard with a baby. but for what it's worth.

nak again - pardon the typing.
I, too, tend to leave splinters to come out by themsleves. If they don't, I usually soak my child's hand, foot, whatever, in a warm bath to open the pores, then just squeeze it out. It usually works.
^ I was going to say a warm bath to soften the skin. I haven't tried it on a baby, but it works for me.
I have also heard that a small square of duct tape will also do the trick.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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