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Suggestions for Wool for Diaper Cover

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Any suggestions as to the type of wool I should be looking for to knit/crochet a diaper cover for ds? I have no knowledge of the different kinds of wools and I've never actually knit a cover. Oh, and I'm on a budget . . . TIA!!
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Lionbrand fisherman's wool is a sturdy yarn that is easy to find.

knitpicks wool of the andes
I like using Peace Fleece - it is a wool/mohair blend and they have beautiful shades....

Warm wishes,
I've used Brown Sheep yarn's "Lamb's Pride" single ply worsted and another 2 ply superwash wool yarn by the same company. 3 months into using my soakers, the 2-ply "superwash" seems like it has lost a lot of luster and pills quite a bit. If I were doing it again, I would not (and will not) use this yarn. The single-ply worsted has retained its charm, however.

For my next project, I am going to use a merino wool/alpaca blend. It is so much softer and durable. Llamajamas uses a yarn like this and it wears so well and is so beautiful.

I prefer to knit in worsted weight for soakers and longies because it goes faster. I have no patience for size 3 needles right now.
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- cheapest, fisherman's, available at joann fabrics or michaels I think, but I find it a bit scratchy. Afaik, only comes in white, so dye your own or use white/cream.

- peace fleece, gorgeous, not as cheap, itchy to me but some say it gets softer with lanolizing

- knitpicks - soft, quite inexpensive, good colors, or dye your own

- lamb's pride single ply worsted, awesome to knit with - looks so great, soft! not as cheap but still quite affordable

eta - I should say, I think I'm more sensitive than most to the scratchy thing, so what I say might not be the opinion of most
Budget=Lionbrand Fisherman's for sure. If you want more softness I'd probably go with Paton's classic merino. I don't find Lionbrand to soften up really at all IMO.

Those are the two that I started with anyhow
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Paton's classic merino from micheal's is cheap. Can also find it at Lewiscraft and if you are a member, you can use your 40% off coupon. BUt is pills badly (but so soft, I don;t particularly care). Also, I find you have to lanolinize it twice the first time to make is really work, as it is very processed.
Thanks very much ladies. I think I will give the knitpicks a try first and then try others if I'm not satisfied. Thanks again!
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