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Here's the deal...

My dh is currently in treatment for longtime opiate (pain killers) abuse.
He has now been off them for about 10 days.
He is going thru some really rough w/drawls (vomiting, nosebleeds, problems focusing and reading, can't sit still long, insomnia, etc)...
Anyways, he is very interested in cleansing his system (gently) and getting some nutritional support to bring some balance.

What supplements would you suggest... and why?
He is getting weekly acupuncture, and yoga 2 x a week...

I was thinking omega 3's for support in the nervous system, as well as magnesium for the same reason... vitamin C, a good amino acid complex, maybe some green foods...

any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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This article says it's for alcohol withdrawal, but many of the symptoms overlap so some of these might help him:

If he were in that situation I'd give my dh a good multi vitamin & mineral with extra mag. if the multi didn't have enough & extra C as sodium ascorbate. Maybe something like spirulina. Also milk thistle for liver support. Also NAC for glutathione formation, especially if he took something with acetaminophen/Tylenol in it. That's all I can think of off hand.
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