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suggestions please :)

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Ok I am making some mixed cd's to listen to while I am in labor.....

Do any of you have any suggestions on some good music to listen to?
I am not one to like sound scapes type music I like actual songs and
I like lots of kinds of music so any suggestions would be appreciated...
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This is a great thread!
I have been thinking about this alot lately myself - We're big music folks and are planning a couple of kinds of mixes.

I'm starting with one thats got alot of what I've been listening to during this pregnancy (With my first, all I wanted to listen to was Sublime and the White Stripes!) - This time through it's been a little more mellow, and we are including:
The Band
James Taylor
Bob Dylan
The Drive By Truckers
Simon & Garfunkel
some select Radiohead.
Joni Mitchell

I also plan on making a comprehensive reggae mix (because I've never met a kid who didn't like reggae!), a mix of our favorite Beatles songs, a country-folk-rock sort of thing with some Gram Parsons and Wilco and Emmylou Harris.

We will also be toting along some Jack Johnson, because he's so groovy and mellow and predictable and could easily be popped on repeat without much notice.

Once the babe is actually born, my husband is planning on playing the guitar for her, so we haven't really thought much about post-birth CDs, but if it came to it, I think that Jack Johnson would do the trick nicely.

Sorry there's not more WOMAN POWER music on here, I know alot of the ladies want that in their birth music, but I'm hesitant to fill my birth center with the sounds of The Breeders and Hole.
But, Natalie Merchant may be nice, or some Fiona Apple or Sinead O'Connor. Maybe I'll work on a Good Groovin' Woman Music Labor CD.
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Mmmm, I looove music threads!
Be back later with more suggestions as right at this very moment I need to be getting stuff done
, but The Roots would be cool. Or maybe some Jill Scott or Sleater-Kinney?
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this may seem a little funny, but there are a couple of songs on the "she's having a baby" soundtrack that i always thought would be great to labor to.
mellow but great lyrics to motivate...

Apron Strings by Everything But The Girl
and This Woman's Work by Kate Bush
Great suggestions I have lime way so I can down load songs of all kinds I already have 4 cd's but I have a thing about changing my mind so I want
to be sure and have a huge variety. I actually was listening to some different
songs yesterday to see what made me feel more relaxed and funny enough
Elvis' voice was very relaxing to me so I made a cd of his slow songs.
I have a mix as well!

Jack JOhnson is a MUST in my world!

LOL about reggae - so true!

I love mellow, acoustic folk-type music so my library consists of:

Gypsy Soul
Spencer Lewis
my man Jack

and of course my hypnobirthing CD's.
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"Summertime" -- Janis Joplin
"Seven" -- James ("Understand the world we're living in... love can change everything.")
"In Your Eyes" -- Peter Gabriel (this is a sentimental favorite for me, b/c of it's romantic tie to the movie Say Anything.)
Paul Simon's Graceland album
I have one main meditation cd I listen to (for the labor) I totally forgot the name of it cuz it's been in the car for a really long time now but it's basically just sounds...of different instruments, water, birds, etc. VERY relaxing. That was the only thing I could listen to when I was in labor w/ dd. Just something about hearing someone elses voice singing just made me cringe. Anyways, I'll have that cd again and of course LOTS of reggae!
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