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summer camps for kids?

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My father has offered to help send the boyz to a summer camp.

I've never had to research something like this before, so I have some questions.

I'm sure we would do a day camp for my 5 year old. He's your typical 5 year old. What are your experiences? which ones worked for your child?

Finding a camp for my nine year old is a bit more challanging. He has Adhd, language processing issues and is starting to get anxeity. He has low social skills and dislikes school work and anything else that poses a challange.
Is there a camp out there that would fit his needs? An overnight camp would be fine because we go camping as a family so he is used to that.
thank you
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I won't be much help here,,,, i won't send my kids to camp... Just wanted to wish you luck in your search.
Woodlake Nature Center and Dodge Nature Center. There are even ones you can attend with your kids or grandparents can come with.
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