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Summer camps for your children?

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Is anyone sending their children to summer camps?

I am signing my boys up for a couple of day camps.

I just signed my oldest up for Camp Invention ( which I think he will just love.

I am trying to dcide what other camp to sign them up for. There are so many great sounding choices. I found one I really want to go to, but I'm a little too old! (insert laughing smilie here) - it's a craft camp - the campers make soap, beaded jewelry, that sort of thing.

If you send your kids to camp, what criteria do you use in picking? Do you choose something they are already interested in or do you try to expose them to something new?
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I am thinking about sending dds to art camp this year. It at the local college and is for kids from kindergarten through 15yrs.
* Art Sampler
* Chinese Brush Painting
* Chinese Language & Culture
* Creative Storytime
* Creative Writing
* Drama
* Guitar
* I.Q. Music for Kids
* International Cooking Arts
* Keyboard
* Kindermusik
* Martial Arts
* Musical Theater-Dance
* Photography
* Violin
* Voice

description of classes
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Both my boys are going to a week long Boy Scout day camp, and dh and I are volunteering. I am not really comfortable yet letting them go without us, and thankfully we can attend this with them. And an added bonus is that they get to go for free when we volunteer.

They are also going to Soccer camp. They both already love soccer and the great thing is these really wonderful teams from Englad come in to coach. I think it will be great.

They also play roller hockey all summer one night a week and my dh coaches that
I like my dd's to do things they don't normally get to do.

Their camp has: wall climbing, Tightrope walking, Trapeze, Bungee Trampoline, Water Skiing, Rowing, Sailing
My daughter will be attending day camp this summer. I work at the camp in the summer so she gets to go for free, plus I get paid - a pretty good deal, considering I wouldn't be able to afford most of the good day camps in my area. I see her a few times a day - in the lunchroom, passing by on campus. Plus it's two miles from our house!

It's nothing super fancy, just the usual activites - sports, arts and crafts, music, swimming twice a day, cookouts, a camp show, etc. She had a wonderful time last year. I like working there, too.
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