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So this fall I hope to start a BSN program. I haven't heard from admissions yet, but I'm planiing for the best! To take the program there are two courses that are not considered nursing courses but must be completed by the start of the program. So I am considering taking pathophysiology and public health over the summer. Both of these are offered online over the summer so I coudl take them alone. But to be a full time student to live in family student on campus apartments (which are way cheaper than apartments on craigslist) I have to take one more unit.
Both French and Spanish are offered online and are two units for the first introductory course. I took two quarters of French two years ago and forgot most of it and I took a year of Spanish in high school but only remember some common phrases. So I am thinking I should take one of these languages over the summer and continue taking classes every now and then so when I graduate I can say I'm bilingual.
I am also considering taking something on campus to get oriented to the University (I've never been to a University before). There is a one credit on campus three hours on Friday stress management class but then I could not work on Fridays. Another option is a weekend seminar on some random but fascinating subject but then I'd have to find daycare other than the campus center which is only open on weekends.
Sorry if this is a bit off topic for pre nursing students since I'm asking what non pre requisite courses to take!
Oh and I have to sign up for summer courses before I hear from the nursing program!
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