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Summer covers?

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We are fast approaching the hot and humid, 100 + degree weather of summer and I just can't believe wool covers could possibly be comfortable for ds. What would you recommend for extremely hot climates as a cover? During the day he goes diaperless as much as possible when we are outside, but that's not always practical. I'm hoping for something breathable yet economical. HELP!
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I just ordered a nikky 100% cotton cover.

I haven't tried them before, but I am hoping it is exactly what I have been looking for...trim, stretchy, and cool
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Nothing is as breathable as wool in my opinion. I would worry about what kind of chemical they would have to treat cotton with to make it water proof, it is not a natural quality of cotton.
I would consider a thinner wool cover, may be a one layer jersey or wool interlock with a wool liner layed in just the center for when you need extra protection.
Remember the robes they wear in the desert are wool!
Links please.

The desert is dry heat though. Here in Oklahoma it is swelteringly humid. It would be like getting into the steam room wearing a wool sweater and a turtleneck. I agree that wool is breathable, but I need something very lightweight that still does the job.

Although it's not at all waterproof, I'm wondering about hemp. Anyone have any experiences with hemp covers?
What about wool interlock shorts?

I live in Michigan and we are using knitted and interlock wool. My dd doesn't sweat anymore than she doesn when she is coverless. I use shorts and soakers.
I can't believe there is a cotton cover...hmmm...that is interesting. I think wool is pretty cool. If you use a thin wool jersey cover that is very breathable and cool. Wool is supposed to be cool when it is hot and hot when it is cold, etc...
Nothing is more breatheable or cooler than wool, IMO. One person mentioned that it would be like getting into a steam room with a turtleneck, but if you get a wool soaker that's not the case. It would be more like getting into a steam room with a pair of wool undies on! I live in Northern CA, and it gets fairly hot here in the summer...I plan on using wool side snap covers or soakers all summer long
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We live in the deep south and we use wool all summer long. Soakers, shorties, and covers, we use them all.
glad i found this thread! I was considering an alternative to my wool covers (aristocrats and sugarpeas), thinking maybe my ds was too hot in them on hot, humid days. I personally have a low tolerence for heat and humidity, so looking at what looked like a wool sweater on his cute bum on a summer day made me doubt my choice. But you've restored my confidence in the appropriateness of wool, even in summer! As far as I can tell, he's only ever cranky for reasons other than wearing a wool cover.
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I live in Mississippi and we have very hot, humid, sweltering summers. Wool all the way baby. Stacinator stretch is thin wool. Also, Loveybums wool is thin and very dependable.
yeah it's really hot and humid here in Missouri during the summer and we are still using our wool soakers and shorties. they are much cooler on ds than a diaper, cover, shorts coombo is. and it's quicker too
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I am a HUGE fan of the breathability of the Alexis Featherlite nylon pull-ons. They are cut trim through the hips, but have very generous waist and leg openings, so the cover sort of hovers over the diaper, not really touching it anywhere...but, I can still pick up ds and put him on my hip without getting a wet shirt like if he was coverless.

I love how there is no snug velcro at his waist either, like with some of his PUL wraps. They are icky in the summer I think.

He gets red and rashy from anything else not as breathable as the Alexis covers, but with them, it's basically just like going coverless.
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Thanks for the tip. Are Staccinators stretch wool covers thinner than Sugarpeas wool covers? I read on one site that they're not good for heavy wetters, or nighttime. What is your experience?
I have this one for dd:

I suppose it wouldn't be very good for heavy wetters since it's only one layer/. We've never had any leaks but we change pretty often.

When I feel my sugarpeas cover it does feel a bit thicker than the stacinator. I don't know how much that would translate into wettness protection though, doesn't seem that big a difference to me.
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