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Selling all of my maternity clothes. Worn for work and play last spring and summer. Sizes range from small to large, mostly smalls. I am 5'2" and a size 6/8 non PG. Everything fit me for entire PG. I have two dogs and two cats. no extra charge for their fur. I've tried to keep things as fur free as possible. I washed or dry cleaned everything before I stored it. If you are allergic let me know and I will wash or dry clean before I ship in a animal free home.<br><br>
You pay the exact shipping. If you buy everything I'll pay the shipping. I'll sell the entire lot for $300.00. Your getting probably $1,000.00 worth of maternity clothes.<br><br>
I don't see any stains or rips in any of the clothes and like I said I tried to minimize the fur.<br><br>
Dresses are $10.00 each<br>
Sets are $10.00 each<br>
Tops are $8.00 each<br>
Pants are $8.00 each<br>
Shorts are $5.00 each<br><br>
I have more pictures to take and will add to the lot this evening here is what I've taken pics of so far<br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
Let me know if you need a better picture or more of a description. As I have time I'll post details under the pictures. PM me or email me any questions<br>
I prefer funded pay pal but will take timely money orders or cc pay pal (you pay the fees)
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