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Hi everyone! My daughter is 17 months now, but reading other stories made me want to share ours!

Hubby and I found out we were preggers and were going to an OB; I felt like a number to them, so decided to do some research on midwives in the area. I found a group of midwives when we lived in Maryland who had great reputations and delivered at two area hospitals in baltimore complete with jacuzzis too. We were doing wonderfully with them, and I had signed up for bradley classes and started taking those. well, the more i went to bradley, i was not feeling like i wanted a hospital birth at all! and on top of that, we even went to the hospital tour, and that just made me feel even more like that was the wrong place to be! so anyway, at 36 weeks we switched to Special beginnings birth center near annapolis, md, which was 1 1/2 hours away. they were wonderful and even when my bp was elevated, they didn't freak out, they just helped me to calm down, and my midwife worked with some homeopathic remedies to bring it down. so anyway, i entered the 38th week with aLOT of pressure on my pelvis, and feeling quite miserable! at 38 weeks and 3 days, i was cleaning the house like a madwoman! i mean, arranging the refridgerator magnets-type of cleaning! so that night, i got went to bed at 10 pm, and woke up at 2 am in labor. i paced around my living room, and my hubby had them timed at about 6 minutes apart. by 2:30 they were about 4 minutes apart and hubby called the midwife. she talked to me and asked if i thought i needed to go in and i said yes. so hubby got the back of the suv ready with pillows and whatnot and we left. let me just say how bad hard labor sucks in a car!! we will be staying home next time! anyway, we were about an hour from the center when i told hubby to pull over on the side of the highway because i had to poop! so at 3 am i am squatting on the side of the highway trying to poo, but nothing is happening! well, i start to push, and hubby says "lets get in car, we dont want to give birth here!" so he helped me in the car, and i pushed for the next hour in the back of the car. What an incredible feeling! no one told me when, how...our bodies are truly amazing!
anyway, by the time we arrived, a tiny bit of summer's head could be seen. i went in, got on the bed, although i had planned a water birth, i didn't feel like getting in the water. well, she was born at 4:51 am on february 19th! she actually yelled when just her head was out, and that was a weird internal sensation! so i had two small tears that healed within a week or two, and a very fast labor! i am greatful for a fast labor, but of course i heard from several people about how lucky i am, and that they could have had a birth like mine too if they had such quick labors, blah blah blah. so it was a fabulous birth, we went home 4 hours later, and she is still nursing like a champ! i will definately be having a homebirth next time though, i feel so blessed to know what childbirth can and should be! thanks for letting me share!
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