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Summer School for Six Year Olds

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A friend of mine told me her dd has to go to summer school to prepare for 1st grade. I've never heard of such. She said he got good grades in kindergarten. The summer school is for about a month and is half days. To me that is a bit much for a 6 year old. Is there that much difference between k and 1st grade?
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My dd just finished first grade, and I would say yes, there is a big difference between kindergarten and first grade in her school. The kids are expected to be more responsible, they get homework, they are tested and graded, they are expected to make up any work they miss, etc.

I don't quite understand why your friend's child would have to attend summer school though. In my district they do have summer school for children who need remedial help, but it is not for children who handle K well.
It might just be that her mom felt she would do better in summer school because she was either already behind or needed a little more reinforcing that she was willing to do over the summer. Where I live two full elementry schools had to do a month of summer schol and will probablystart early in the fall. it was nuts and totally unfair. Not to mention a big ol' pain in the butt since it was half days. lots of kids here do summer school. I htink the reason most do it is becase thier parents don't want them to fall behind over the summer or don't want them to forget whatthey learned.
One of my DDs best friends did summer school between K & 1st and her mom says she would NEVER do it again.

She was the only one in her class to go (though 5 were referred), it really mesed up their summer and didn't actually end up helping more than just interacting w/your child would. She's NOT returning this year, though she still qualifies
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