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sun dried tomatoes...

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I hope that's how you spell it... The whole Bob Dole thing always confused me real bad on the spelling, bc I can't remember which way he spelled it wrong.

ANYWAYS..... I'm about to have a WHOLE BUNCH of homegrown juicy red huge tomatoes pop up out of the soil. How do you make sundried tomatoes... I want to infuse it into olive oil... Can I make them in the oven some way... that might be a dumb Q. What other ways could I possibly utilize them... Canning ideas etc???? Thanks girls (and a few boys, I'm sure) Smiles to you all!
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it was dan quayle and 'potatoes', lol. aw, all those republicans spell the same

if you've got big juicy beefsteaks, i'm not sure how good they will be for drying (altho' i have dried cherry tomatoes & other non-traditional sorts with ok results, the best were definately the principe borgheses, the san marzanos, romas, etc.)

a slow oven is fine, i dropped my dehydrator and may well be making them that way myself this summer (if i can't find another dehydratror cheaply & expediently.)

they look so pretty in the olive oil; make sure if you are doing it in quantity tho' to use them up before it goes rancid or keep them in the fridge (mine from last summer seem to be ok still, but they have been in a darkish cool place.)

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Ive got some tomatoes going in the dehydrator right now...i just cut them in quarters and poured some olive oil and sea salt on them and put them in the dehydrator...i'm sure a solar oven would work awesome especially over here in phoenix! Ive never tried drying them outside though.

You could make some gazpacho with those tomatoes too or jar up some sauce
Good luck!

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Ok..Dan Quayle!!! they are the same person in my mind... not purposefully, I just think of one person visually. I'm a spaz!!! I don't have a dehydrator, are they expensive??? low heat on the oven??? how long and what temp??? This is exciting. We hope to give them out as gifts... you're right about rancidity!!! GAzpacho and sauce is a great idea and salsa would be too. Thanks for replies, I'm definately going to try it once they are here. Patiently awaiting the big day!!!! I'll tell ya'll how it goes.
I've never dried tomatoes, but I've saved harvests by making them into salsa base (with fresh basil) and putting them in the freezer. Doubt that that would work too well for gifts though...
Well we're going to have a ton, so we can do a little of everything

I'm hopeful this year, since I've got 12 plants: 10 hybrids and 2 Brandywines. Some years I've gotten good numbers, others I've been lucky to get 1 or 2.
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