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Sun remove diaper stains?

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I have a question about buying some used cloth diapers. 2 of them are pretty stained up. However, she said she had never laid them out to sun dry. I was wondering if I got them and sun dried them if it would help or not. I have yet to wash any of my cloth diapers. I didnt know if the stain was probably already set in to much. Thanks!
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If it's breastfed poo staining, the sun will probably remove it easily - just put the wet diaper out in the sun to dry. Not sure about other stains...
Most every stain I've ever had on ANY clothing has come out in the sun (except grease).
For some extra power you can spray on some lemon juice/water mix after hanging....breastfed baby poo will come right out in an hour with regular sun, but darker staining sometimes needs some coaxing. :sun
as the others have said, it should come out. That said, I have some prefolds that are stained, but it's solid food poo stains, I've sunned them a few times and they have lightened up but are still visible.
I put my prefolds on the line last week, and the stains disappeared as if by magic! (Mine is exclusively breastfed at this point) I agree with the others, put it out in the sun and see if it works.
Sun has also worked for me with stains. So, if its a good deal, I would go for it and give it a try.
I would go for it even if you can't get the stains out, as long as they are on the inside. That's the point of diapers right?
I live in SUNNY AZ, and sunned my diapers all last summer while my son was 6 to 9 months old - NO STAINS ALL SUMMER. But when the fall came (less intense sun) and he got older and started eating more solids (still mostly BF) I do have SOME stains that the sun didn't touch; mostly on my PFs. I will try to re-sun them this summer to see if they come out, but I'm not sure if they will.
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