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Sunburn advice.

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I got sunburnt yesterday so badly that my face, chest & back are blistering. I ache. What is the best thing for it? I have just been slathering aloe vera gel on it. Any other suggestions?
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Iced tea bags against the skin. I sit with a bowl of water with some tea bags in it and wring them out and apply while watching tv, rubbing over my shoulders and face. The tannic acid supposedly helps, the cool feels good, and the tea dyes your skin a little so you don't look so lobster. Keep on the icey stuff until you don't feel hot anymore.
Put some white vinegar in the refrigerator and let it cool, then use a soft cloth to apply the cold vinegar to the sunburn. You'll smell like vinegar, but it's cooling and soothing and it helps heal the sunburn faster.
calendula gel is also very good for burns- including sunburns. My son got sunburnt last week, and the calendula relieved the pain and helped it to heal quickly.
This is interesting. I can tell where my sunscreen failed today.

I tried Kukui Nut oil. Seems to be working so far; ie. the flames have died down.
My husband and I got really BAD burns like what you've described. We just slathered aloe vera gel like it was going out of style and also drank aloe vera juice with lots of other liquids. I think it made a big difference.
Cool water, aloe, more cool water internally...

Blisters are second degree burns. If they cover enough of your body, staying hydrated becomes very important. It might be worth seeing your doc, if you've got one, for some Silvadene--will prevent infection, though it can be a PIA to use as you've got to cover where you've applied it.

Aching? What do you normally use for aches? I would think anti-inflamatories to be very appropriate.
If you are familair with homeopathics....Homeopathic remedy Cantharas 30c
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pour a cup of oatmeal in the bath, lukewarm, and lie in it for as long as you can. Do this every day until it's all better, not just at the beginning.
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