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Sunning out stains

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OK, I think I've read on here that this will work even on a cloudy day -- is this true??????? I live in Houston and all it does anymore is raaaaaaaiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnn...

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I did it on a cloudy day before & it still I would try it
Hope it stops raining & the sun comes out!!!
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so I say go for it! I bet the sun will fade those stains. Good luck I love line drying my diapers.
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yup- and even if it doesn't come out all teh way- use it and next time you wash sun dry again.
I tried sunning out some stained prefolds yesterday. They faded a little bit, but are still visible. Maybe I'll sun them some more tomorrow (if it stops raining!).
I had a really cloudy day today but I had some serious stain (funny how changing one thing in my wash routine affects everything) and most of the stain still sunned out.
Yep, it's actually the UV rays that "sun" them out, and like a PP said you can get burnt on cloudy days too.
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